Creating Travel Memories through Woods – A Journey to Remember


Travelling leaves a trail in your heart that you will always remember for a lifetime. It creates beautiful memories of the journey you’ve gone to, of the people you’ve met along the way, and of the diverse yet rich culture in the different parts of the world.

Like all other places, Bohol also offers a lot of marvellous things for both locals and tourists alike. From the beautiful places, wonderful people and amazing heritage this little province has to offer, everyone, whether foreign or not, just can’t get enough of its wonders.

And when it’s time to leave, it is just typical to have a little something to bring with you as you go home; something you can keep or even give; and, something that has the power to bring back warm and fond memories of your travel. That’s where Crissander Accessories comes in. A local manufacturer and retailer of beautiful wooden accessories and souvenirs, it is the perfect place to find interesting and exquisite pieces that you will forever cherish.



Cool and inexpensive, these keychains are best pasalubong back home or even to keep for personal use. With a touch of culture carved into it, you’d be sure to have all the wonderful memories pouring back to you every now and then.






Bag tags

Handsomely made out of wood, these bag tags bring uniqueness in your travel experience. It accentuates contemporary style and class. Best of all, you can always keep track of your baggage and avoid mix-ups in some way. It also is a great remembrance of the journey you’ve had.






Wooden BookmarkBookmarks

What better way to give to a book-lover than an elegantly made wooden bookmark! Coming from a thoughtful one, these wooden bookmarks are a sure-fire way to warm anybody’s heart.
Besides gift-giving, these wooden bookmarks are also a perfect addition to your collection. It serves as a wonderful remainder from an exciting adventure.








Splurge in the hunt for genuinely made handcrafted jewelry to wear or to bring home to. There’s a great selection of accessories and it is just right to spoil yourself with all the good stuffs you can find.