About Us

In our aim for a sustainable economy, we bring you products exuding character, soul, and connection.

At Crissander Accessories, we are extremely optimistic and positive to bring about both comfort and style to the one who wears each of our products. Crafted from sustainable natural wood, all of our creations are made with precision, hard work, and passion. With each finished piece, there is heightened sensory awareness as you feel its warmth and rich texture. It is a wonderful work of art that brings you a touch of nature coupled with a promise of exciting adventures and new possibilities to explore, discover and rediscover yourself.

With our ultimate drive to great innovation, we always strive to provide expressive and superior designs. Designs that flatter every woman regardless of age, size or race. We feel it is our social responsibility to deliver the highest quality of wood accessories around the globe. Accessories that will help each woman create and develop her own styling statement. Accessories where she can confidently put on a style that highly works for her; playfully invent herself in ways she truly wants and desires; as well as, perfectly express her own uniqueness and individuality.

Because, at Crissander Accessories, we passionately believe every woman definitely deserves to be at her best at all times. Elegantly. Stylishly. Beautifully.